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Our Busines​s Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide a high quality product and reliable service at a fair price. We understand that there are many people who have given the copier industry a bad name, we strive everyday to rise above this. Our goal is to build a long term relationship with our customers. Whether you are a new, old or potential customer WE VALUE YOUR BUSINESS and will do everything in our power to make your relationship with MOS a positive one.


Over the years MOS / McCrimon's Office Systems has received many awards, including leading the South Region in market share for Gestetner/Lanier and the "Premier Dealer" award from Great America Leasing.  For three straight years, MOS was awarded the "Elite Dealer Award". This is awarded to a very small number of office equipment dealers across the United States by Office Dealer Magazine. Office Dealer is an industry leading publication in the field of business electronics. 

Our Company

McCrimon's Office Systems (MOS) has been serving North Florida's business machine, supply and office furniture needs for over 50 years! Over that time, we have expanded and now serve Jacksonville, Live Oak, Lake City, Gainesville and Ocala. From these locations we can service virtually all of North and North Central Florida. While we continue to expand, we remain dedicated to what made us successful, fair pricing and the best service in the industry.

MOS is a corporation owned by Jim Clark and Matt Scott. Our Vice President of Sales is Corey Clark, Misty Davis is our Service Coordinator, Kolleen Clark is our Operations Manager, our Delivery Coordinator is Travis Billinger, Teri Langford is our Bookkeeping Manager and Barbie Scott manages the Live Oak office supply business. We are all available to help answer any questions that may come up or to assist you with any problems. 

As an Authorized Lanier and Sharp Copier dealer, we offer the widest array of copier, color copier and related imaging products available in the North and North Central Florida area.

Our Offices

Jacksonville • Gainesville • Ocala • Live Oak • Lake City

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Meet the Visionaries Behind Innovation

Jim Clark

Owner / CEO

Jim Clark, the cornerstone of MoS Copier Services, combines visionary leadership with hands-on expertise. His innovative strategies in software and marketing have catapulted the company to new heights, ensuring a legacy of quality and customer satisfaction.

Matt Scott 

Owner/ COO / President

Matt Scott stands at the helm of challenge and innovation. With a rich background in commercial strategy, his sharp insights have shaped the company's trajectory, placing MoS Copier Services on the map as an industry leader.

Corey Clark

Vice President of Sales

Corey Clark brings a strategic edge to the sales team, leveraging his extensive expertise to expand market reach and elevate customer relations. His dynamic approach to sales leadership propels the company's growth.

Kolleen Clark

Operations Manager

Kolleen Clark is the operational backbone of the company, streamlining processes to deliver efficiency. Her dedication to operational excellence is a cornerstone of our success.

Misty Davis

Office Coordinator

Misty Davis is the organizational powerhouse behind our seamless operations. Her exceptional coordination skills ensure that our office runs like clockwork, supporting the team and delighting clients.

Travis Billinger

Delivery Coordinator

Travis Billinger ensures that our products reach clients promptly and safely. His coordination efforts are vital to the satisfaction of our customers and the reliability of our services.

Teri Langford


Teri Langford is the financial steward of MOS Copier Services. Her meticulous attention to detail and financial acumen keeps us on track, ensuring fiscal responsibility and transparency.

Barbie Scott

Office Supplies

Barbie Scott oversees our extensive inventory with an eagle eye. Her management ensures that our clients have access to the highest quality office supplies, contributing to their operational success.

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